Combinations Dinners

With your choice of Ground Beef, Chicken, Pork, Cheese, Beans or Rice.

Substitute steak or avocado add .75 for each

Small Burritos are filled with meat. Topped with cheese dip and your choice of lettuce,  tomatoes, onion or cilantro on top.

Substitute steak or avocado add 1.25 for each

                            NO SUBTITUTIONS PLEASE

  1. One taco, two enchiladas and rice 13.50

  2. One taco, one enchilada, one tostada and rice 13.50

  3. 2 tacos, one enchilada and a side of cheese dip 15.00

  4. One enchilada, one chile relleno, rice and beans 15.00

  5. One burrito, one taco, one enchilada 13.00

  8. One chimichanga, one chile relleno, one burrito 16.00

  9. One burrito, one enchilada, rice and beans 13.50

11. One taco, one burrito, one tostada 13.00

13. One taco, one burrito, rice and beans 13.00


Combinacion 2.jpg
Combinacion #3
Combinacion 5.jpg
Combinacion 6.jpg
COmbinacion 7.jpg
Combinacion 10.jpg
COmbinacion 11.jpg
Combinacion 13