Make any burrito into a dinner (served with rice, beans, salad side of sour cream and a side of guacamole) for only 4.99

Extras for burritos:

Sour cream or cheese .85         Avocado 1.75      Rice or Beans 1.50            Guacamole 2.50

With your choice of  chicken, pork, ground beef. Substitute shredded beef or steak add 1.25

With Lettuce, tomatoes and beans inside

Cheese Dip on top 3.25

Regular Burrito 7.25

Burrito Supreme

Made with lettuce, tomatoes, beans, rice, cheese and sour cream inside 10.25

Burrito suizo

melted swiss cheese on top 7.95

Sarape Burrito

Melted swiss cheese on top and your choice of salsa ranchera, verde or chile de arbol (very hot)  8.99



Burrito Norteño

Ribeye steak with rice, beans and Chile de arbol inside (very hot) salsa may not be served on the side 10.25

Burrito a la Campechana

Three meats, mexican sausage, pork and steak. Served with beans, lettuce and tomatoes or cilantro and onions 9.75

Faja Burrito

Chicken breast or steak with grilled onions, tomatoes and bell

peppers. Served with salad and a side of guacamole 9.95

Chef's Burrito

Chicken breast and spinach sautéed  onions, tomatoes and bell

peppers with lettuce and cheese dip inside 9.95



With lettuce and tomatoes inside

add spinach 1.99


Beans and Rice Burrito    6.99


Spinach and Mushrooms Burrito 

spinach and mushrooms sauted onions, bell peppers and tomatoes    6.99


Beans and Avocado Burrito    7.50

Burrito a la Mexicana

With beans, rice, onions and cilantro inside with your choice of chicken, ground beef or pork  9.25

Sustitute steak or shredded beef add 1.25

Burrito de Mar 

Grilled fish tilapia and shrimp with home chipotle dressing, green cabbage, pico de gallo (hot or mild), spinach and avocado inside  10.75


Machaca Burrito

Scrambled eggs with shredded beef or scrambled eggs with Mexican sausage cheese, fried potatoes, and rice or beans inside and your choice of salsa ranchera, verde or chile de arbol on top or on the side 10.75

Burrito Suizo

Burrito Suizo

Burrito Sarape en Salsa Ranchera

Burrito Sarape en Salsa Ranchera

Burrito Regular

Burrito Regular

Burrito en Salsa de Arbol

Burrito en Salsa de Arbol



Machaca Burrito

Machaca Burrito

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